Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flowers, stars, and candles (birthday cards).

I have three fun new birthday cards to share with you! The problem with showing off the cards I make is that I have to wait until after they've been received to blog about them, and it's always so hard to wait. Anyways, these birthdays have passed, so now I can share these cards (I have more cards to share soon, but you'll have to wait a little longer before I can post those).

I did these cards a little bit differently than ones I've made in the past with the Silhouette; I printed the words onto the cards, then cut out paper shapes to decorate the cards. I like the way the mixed mediums look, and it was much faster to make the cards this way too. I'm still using a gluestick to attach the decorations to the cards, but I'd like to find a better way. The glue gets sort of messy on the more intricate designs, and it stays a little bit tacky even after it's dried.

This simple card was made with the candles design that came with Silhouette Studio. I used light blue for the candle stick, green for the candle stripes, and yellow for the flames. The words are printed onto the card.

This girly card is for my cousin's sweet 16. Again, the words are printed. The flowers are individual layers from the 3D peony, and the lace is from this set of borders. For the inside, I added a rectangle to the lace to create the nice background. To get the edges of the blue paper to line up perfectly with the card, I actually designed it to be a little larger than the card, and then I cut the excess off after gluing it to the card.

For this card, I printed the outline of the letters onto the card, and then colored them in with colored pencils. Then I simply cut different sized stars out of yellow, green, and blue paper and added them to the front and inside of the card. This is the simplest of the three cards, but I think it's also my favorite. The stars are just so fun and festive!

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