Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day roundup (recipe and printables).

Time is flying by this year, and holidays keep sneaking up on me! I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for St. Pat's this year (unless making potatoes au gratin last night counts...). If I'm lucky, I'll remember to wear green on the 17th, so that no one pinches me. Here are a few of my earlier Irish themed posts:

Slainte means cheers. You can find this printable here.
Another Irish blessing; you can find this printable here.
Finally, one of my favorite potato recipes. This is an upstate NY dish that was invented by the Irish salt miners. The recipe is here.
 Someday I will become organized enough to have holiday crafts and recipes done far enough ahead of time to share with you (well, maybe). For now, I hope you enjoy these goodies from the past year.


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