Sunday, July 1, 2012

June photo-a-day challenge (week three).

June is flying by! Here's week three of my pictures for the June photo-a-day Instagram challenge. I decided to say a little something about each individual picture this week. No real reason, except that I felt like it, and I can ;)

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15. Yellow
Snapped on the way home from the park by my Grandma's house. I had a lot of fun playing with various filters and photo apps with this photo.

16. Out and about
At the Denver airport, waiting to get on that plane and head back to home, sweet home.

17. In your bag
This is my "purse" when I fly. I'm prepared with books, computer, kindle, candy, and my dSLR!

18. Something we don't know about you

We eat pizza for dinner at least once a week when I don't feel like cooking. Lucky for me, the hubby would be happy to eat pizza every night!

19. Imperfect
Chipped paint on an old pipe. I love the contrast of the green with touches of red.

20. Fave photo you've ever taken
Well, "ever" is such a strong word, but this is my favorite photo that I've taken with my new phone that I haven't shared yet. I love the red tones of the dessert against the bright blue sky.

21. Where you slept
In my bed; the same place I sleep almost every night. The hubby is obviously still very soundly asleep (shhh... don't tell him I posted a pic of him sleeping).

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