Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Fools' Day at our house (prank updates).

If you saw my other April Fools' Day post, you know I was preparing to some fun tricks for my hubby. Almost every prank was a success (he caught me while I was trying to set up the frozen computer screen trick, oh well). By the end of the day, the poor guy thought everything was a set up. We had lots of fun and laughs all day long though (I think I'm going to have to watch my back though next year!). 

I started with some fairly gentle, small pranks to ease him into the day:

1) I put tissue in the toe of his slippers so they didn't fit when he woke up and put them on. He came out to the living room all confused and half awake (he didn't realize it was April Fools' day yet!).

Yes, we are very mature and say "neener neener" to each other ;)
2) I used a sticky note to "break" his computer mouse. He always checks the news while he drinks his coffee, so I knew this would get him early. It took a minute to figure out what was going on, but when he turned over the mouse he busted up laughing and finally caught on to the date (poor guy was still trying to get caffeine in his system).

3) I also switched his computer keyboard settings to Dvorak (a different layout). His response, "What the moses?! When I type, my Ls are Ns, my Ss are Os, my DKDKs are ETETs?!?" He then tried to figure out the pattern to type. After a few minutes, I took pity on him and showed him how to change it back to normal.

When the hubby went to shower, there were more surprises waiting for him:

4) I put blue food coloring in his toothbrush bristles. I actually forgot that I had done it until I heard a loud exclamation followed by lots of spitting coming from the bathroom. I almost cried I was laughing so hard.

5) I left the shower set to spray (instead of coming out of the faucet for the bath), so that it would spray him when he went to turn on the water. I also switched the normal drain grate for the bath plug. He said he figured that out about halfway through his shower (to be fair, our pipes do drain pretty slow normally). 

There were also a few surprises hiding in the kitchen:
I see you!
6) I drew faces on the food in the fridge. I thought he would see this pretty early, but he didn't open the fridge until lunch. He grabbed the ketchup out for me (which we keep in the door), and didn't notice. I was really struggling to keep a straight face while he squirted ketchup on my plate. When he put the ketchup away, he finally saw the faces and we both cracked up.

Can you tell which one is soap and which is oil? (answer below)
 7) I switched out our dish soap for vegetable oil (I didn't wash out the soap container though, so there were still some bubble and a soapy smell; it also made the oil a little cloudy). His response: "Whoa! Why's the soap coming out so fast?!... Wait, why does it look weird?" I made him guess what I had done to it (he had to smell and feel it to figure it out).

**EDIT** Sorry! I just realized I never told you which dish soap was the real one.
The one on the left is oil, and the one on the right is soap.


  1. OK- Cracking up over here! I love the mouse prank-- so so funny!! Dish soap/oil- Awesome!! So happy to see you are a stone throw away from me! I'm in Temecula! Also so so happy your are joining the fun Get your Chef on party! whoohoo! Have a great day- the sun is out! YES!! -jen

    1. Thank you Jen! We had a lot of fun that day :)

      So excited to have discovered your blog through Julie - I didn't realize how close we were. So cool! I'm very excited for the Get your Chef on party too. It's my first time doing anything like this.

      Hope you got to enjoy the sunshine today! Monica


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