Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lace earring holder (tutorial).

This earring holder is surprising simple to make, looks great, and is an easy way to organize all of your jewelry. These make great gifts too - I love personalizing the frame design to match my friends' styles. This one's mine... kind of boring - I was going to decorate it, but I've been lazy this week. That'll have to be a project for a later date.

This is a very loosely written tutorial because the fun part is making the design uniquely yours. If you make one, I'd love to see a picture of it! Either post a link to it in the comments, or email it to me at MdoubleMcrafts {at} gmail {dot} com.

Wooden frame (any size, the one pictured is 8"x10")
Paint (and any other embellishments you'd like to decorate your frame)
Lace (a rectangle a few inches bigger than the opening in your frame)
Stapler/staples (a staple gun is great, but a regular stapler works too; use pliers or hammer to push the staples in all the way)
Card stock (optional - this is to cover up the back)
Small nails or hooks

Start by painting & decorating the frame; allow it to dry.

Stretch the lace across the opening, and staple the lace to the frame. Start by stapling the four corners taut, then add staples in between (at least one staple per inch to keep it secure). Staple or tape down the loose edges of the lace so that they cannot be seen through the front.

Staples & tape holding the lace in place; Card stock to make it pretty.
You can leave the back as is (because honestly, no one's ever going to look at the back), or you can glue on strips of card stock to cover up the staples & lace edges.

Add nails or hooks to the front of the frame, and your earring holder is ready! Hook the earrings through the lace, and hang bracelets and necklaces from the nails, then enjoy being so organized!


  1. ive made one simular to this but i put a couple of rows of 1/4 in ribbon for my loop earrings and it looksgreat

    1. That's a great idea! I'll try it next time I make one of these :)


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