Saturday, January 7, 2012

A birthday card for Grandma.

My grandma turns 90 later this month, so I decided to make a special birthday card for this very special lady (she's one of my favorite people in the world - strong, smart, kind, & incredibly loving). 

I was inspired to make these flowers by this pin on pinterest. Her favorite color is purple (if you couldn't guess), but you can make this card in any colors you want. 

To get even spacing start by glueing 2 opposing petals, then fill in the rest.
Cut out 6 hearts of equal size for each flower. I used double sided scrapbook paper for the big heart & cardstock for the small ones; any paper stiff enough to hold a sharp crease will work. Fold each heart in half vertically to make petals, then glue the petals onto your card in a flower shape.

I don't have a dark purple ink pad, so I used a marker to ink the stamps.
It takes a little longer, but works great in a pinch.
I used these adorable little letter stamps to write out my message. I got this little stamp set for about $1 from Michael's, and I've gotten so much use out of it! To get the spacing right, I stamped the words right to left (I'm not really left handed, but my right hand was busy with the camera).

I punched out some more hearts to decorate the inside of the card. Then I decided to round off the corners of the card too - I think it gives it a more finished look.

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